MesoFOODS | A Mesopetra Business
Agribusiness & Biotech

Meso foods, a business unit of Mesopetra Limited is passionate to contribute to the global food security drive and solve the problem of hidden hunger. We use biotechnology to produce mushrooms and spawns; we deliver various types of grains to where they are needed. We also research on applied mycology (mycoremediation, medicinal/nutraceutical mushroom, molecular studies on mushrooms)

Our strategy is to interface scientific research and biotechnology with industry practice to deliver affordable nutritious foods to our Customers.

The mushroom business was established in 1999, the trading name then being 'Enny Ventures'. We supplied fresh oyster mushrooms (Pleurotuspulmonarius) to Sheraton Hotels and Towers in Maryland, Ikeja, supermarkets and other high net worth individuals. In 2002, the company name was changed to Bezaleel Network Limited and it served Hotel presidential, Chanrais' Departmental Stores (Shell RA and Aba express way), and other net-worth individuals. The mushroom unit of Bezaleel Network Limited changed ownership in 2008 and has since been trading as under Meso foods, a business unit of Mesopetra Limited.