Quality Assurance, Health Safety and Environment Policy

Our Customers operate in extremely challenging conditions which demand zero tolerance for poor quality materials and services. We understand that our Customers operations are quality-critical and that quality assurance of our supply chain is integral to achieving our customer's quality expectations. Mesopetra is committed to consistently deliver quality materials and services to support our Customers' quest for excellence and build a dependable brand. Our quality program is a core competency and much needed solution for our customers.

Quality Objectives

The Quality Assurance Policy of Mesopetra Limited is based on customer delight. We strive for continuous improvement in our quality systems and meeting the objectives of our company, key among of which are:

      1. Supplying defect free materials that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements
      2. Consistently achieve customer satisfaction by ensuring:
        • On time deliveries.
        • All contract requirements are met.
        • Exceptional product quality.
        • Exceptional service quality.
      3. Providing a service that results in customer satisfaction
      4. Continuous development of a dependable vendor base


      Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)   Policy

      Our HSE policy addresses the Health, safety and Environmental risks to our operations; and the potential impact on our host communities and staff; with strong management commitment at the highest level.  The policy reflects good working practices and is mandatory.

      It is the policy of MESOPETRA LIMITED (MESOPETRA) to:

      • Manage HSE matters as a critical business.
      • Continuously pursue the goal of no harm to people and the environment.
      • Promote a culture in which all employees of MESOPETRA, its Contractors and all other Stakeholders involved with the operations of the Company share this commitment.